Application and deployment process

  1. Send a request to Vamadev for the setup of the website. 
  2. After your receive a response, buy a domain for the website and share the information with Vamadev. The domain should preferably have the format: bhaktimarga.tld . E.g., for Germany,
  3. We will install a copy of the Country Website template in the provided URL. The website will look like this: 
  4. Now the country needs to put work and customize the website to the country context. Please make sure to not advertise the website without making these required changes:
    • Translate the website to the country language (if not English)
    • In the footer, update the information
      • Contact Us: email and phones of the country
      • Social Media: links of channels of the country
    • Generate a privacy policy and update the page /privacy-policy. See tutorial.
    • Populate the Calendar with Events you offer
    • Update the Blog
    • When you create a new Form, by default the “send to” email address is set to the website Admin’s email. In the Form’s Notifications settings you can specify a different email address if needed
Important: In case you don’t have the content for any of these pages, they need to be unpublished and the link removed from the navigation. Please do not leave pages with placeholder content published.
  1. After you think you finished, send the website to Vamadev before advertising it.
  2. After you receive feedback that all is good, you can advertise the website 🙂
  Jai Gurudev – Bhakti Marga Country Website team