What is the Bhakti Marga country website for?

The Bhakti Marga country website has been designed to assist countries market Bhakti Marga and allow them to communicate information about the organisation to people in their own region and language. The content and text contained in the country website is a condensed version of information that can be found on the international websites. The primary goals of a country website is to allow each country a way to promote their events/courses, support the work of country Swami/Swamini, take bookings for Gurudev darshan/satsang and manage enquires from the public. The website can also be extended to run an online shop, community forums or additional new features that a country may need.

Pricing and Payment

There is no cost for the set up and maintenance of your website. SPN are paying for the server and the technical support is being provided by volunteers as seva.

How to maintain the website?

We recommend each country finds a seva volunteer to learn how to manage and change content on the website. If countries get stuck with technical issues, they can contact one of our support technicians for help.

Here are links to versions of the country website:

Country website (2020)