Project timeline

May 2016 – Created first country website template using the Genesis Framework. The websites run on WordPress Content Management System. Vamadev is hosting many of the countries websites on his server, but some countries are also self hosting the template.

September 2019 – Second release of the country template. The websites continues run the Genesis Framework but now utilises the WordPress block editor to design pages. The visual design is inspired by the recent websites released by SPN such as and The text is a condensed version of copy that can be found on the Bhakti Marga international websites.

The future

Early 2021 – We plan to make a switch over to a framework built by Gangaananda from Poland. This will be a move away from the Genesis Framework and give us a better way to update the design and functionality to multiple countries. We hope to show countries a working version of this framework by late 2020 or early 2021.